Sunday, 17 July 2011


Great effort by all during last weeks WOD's in what turned out to be a punishing six days.
It's great for Rich and I to see the determination and tenacity by you all in your quest to improve your fitness. One of the most satisfying things is seeing people practicing techniques in their warm up and at the end of sessions and I believe that has been a major factor in the continuing development of you all.
It is plain for us to see that you have caught the Crossfit bug and you are all improving vastly, but you must remember to get those REST DAYS in guys!!!
A few of you have been doing 6 days on the bounce due to your enthusiasm and will to improve, I have been there too, it will catch up with you!!!!!
Try and have a rest day mid-week and one on the weekend to let your body recover. This will ensure you will keep on improving as you are now!!!
Thanks once again guy's it's a pleasure and privilege to coach you all.

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