Tuesday, 29 January 2013


In the past few weeks/months there have been a number of people airing their views to me about people being "strangers from the truth" with regard to the scores being posted in the WOD and rightly so!!!
It has even got to a point where a lot of people are refusing to post their scores on the whiteboard because of the porkies being told by others. THIS SADDENS ME!!!
It is impossible as coaches to keep count of the number of reps being performed during the WOD, so this is where we trust the INTEGRITY of the athlete to put up a score that is truthful and has been EARNED.
For me, if you post a score that you know is untrue then it is the same as quitting.
I mean, what do you gain from cutting a workout short in order to get a faster time on the whiteboard???
Uuuuuummmm, absolutely nothing!
The guys and gals who are truthful in their score posting and completed the workout in its entirety are the people who are going to improve the quickest, trust me on this. Also what if you have the desire to compete at a CrossFit event, do you think the judges will let a few reps slip by unnoticed? Ask the guys who competed in London last weekend and see what answer they give you. CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER.
This leads me onto another topic - RANGE OF MOTION.
Unless you have mobility issues, coming up short in your range of motion on an exercise is (well its just cheating) as bad as cheating on your times.
IF YOU CHEAT, YOU ARE CHEATING YOUR BODY! Plainly speaking you will not get the results the workout was designed to achieve.
Listen guys we are all in this together. We WOD as a group of friends with a love of CrossFit, so dont cheat your friends and most importantly dont cheat yourself!

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