Adam Davies

Right where do start, I’ve been doing Crossfit now for probably about 3 months, and I can honestly
say I don’t know what I’d do without it. Anyway, let me start from the beginning...

My names Adam, I’m 26 years old and I work in a juvenile prison with young offenders from all
around the UK. Only the most vulnerable and volatile young people come to where I work, so you
can imagine that you need to keep physically fit and be aware of anything that may happen around

I was first introduced to Crossfit by a mate of mine, we’d played rugby together for a couple of years
and he said that it was definitely the next big thing when it comes to strength and fitness training.
Crossfit initially sounded quite soft and I was reluctant to get involved with it straight away, but I had no idea what it was really all about, and how addicted to it I would become!

Since my very first session I haven’t looked back, the variety of exercises and the level of intensity
over a short space of time really appealed to me, and the added time factor and quest to RX a
workout really drove me to want to attend more and more and push myself to the max.

Nearly 2 years ago I broke my collarbone, and as a result of my injury I found that I put on a lot of
weight and lost a lot of strength. I was really feeling quite crap about myself and I’ve always been
looking for a way to lose weight fast and gain muscle mass as quickly as possible, and Crossfit is
100% the answer. Since doing Crossfit I’ve dropped from around 15st to 13st 6lbs, and my strength
and overall performance continues to improve. When I first started I couldn’t do a pull up, however

I recently rx’d a WOD with pull up’s in and that was a massive personal achievement.

Although I still get the post workout aches and pains, I really can’t get enough of it, Crossfit is truly
something I would recommend to anyone!

Adam Davies 05 May 2011

Jason Wyatt

I suppose I should start this testimonial with a little background information about myself. My name is Jason, I am 28 years old and the very proud farther of a 6 year old little boy.

My story starts in November 2008, My weight is somewhere around 13st 7lb and I am smoking about 20 fags a day. For a variety of reasons I decide to quit smoking, I had tried to quit 4 times previously but failed, this time I decided to go for it cold turkey and on will power alone my smoking days were over.The downside to this new chapter in my life was the weight starting to pile on, it seems my new addiction was food, any rubbish snack type sweetie foods I could lay my hands on, my cravings were never satisfied.

By January 2010 I was weighing in at about 15st 7lb and really not feeling good about it. I decided it was now time to loose weight, I didn’t change anything about my diet and only half heartedly went for a few runs, needless to say by February 2010 I had given up.

I continued through 2010 floating around the 15st 7lb mark and still not feeling very well both mentally and physically. Whenever anybody mentioned my weight I would joke about it and laugh it off, but honestly I was feeling ashamed of the way I had let things go.

November 2010 was the 2 year anniversary of giving up smoking, it was around this time I decided that 2011 was going to be the year I would loose my excess weight and try to make the new healthier Jason, a man who is a smoke free, healthy weight, who is fit enough never to be too tired to play with his son.

I started talking to the team of Cross Fit Port Talbot. I told them what I had planned and they were kind enough to offer me some advice. They started giving me guidance on nutrition telling me about the type of foods I should be eating to get the results I wanted.

January 2011 arrived , first weighing after Christmas and the new year put me at 15st 3lb not as heavy as I had been but this was the start. I followed the CFPT dietary advice and constructed a light exercise programme for myself and immediately started seeing the effects within a month I had lost 12lb, Continued guidance and advice from the CFPT coaches saw me joining their gym at the beginning of February and my weight continued to fall.

Combining the CFPT workout programmes and nutritional advice was the best thing I've done for myself in years, my strength and general fitness levels grow week on week and my weight is falling even faster, gone are the days of coming home from work to fall asleep on the settee, I feel 100% better In myself, all this is thanks to the CFPT team, Adam John and Richard Mudd.

To date my weight has fallen to 12st 10lb that’s a 35lb loss since the beginning of the year, I am sure this has only been achievable because of the training, support and advice given to me by CFPT.

For all this I am truly thankful.

Jason Wyatt. 12th March 2011.